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Friday, 20 September 2013

Thaa Yai at Wat Plai Laem 2013

Today the welcoming of the deceased ceremony, also known as Thaa Yai locally, was celebrated around Koh Samui and our family went to celebrate at Wat Plai Laem, around the corner so to speak.

Thaay Yai, plenty of food

Plenty of food displayed on a couple of tables

Each year the deceased are asked to come and visit and celebrate together and share the food. After a few weeks, there will be the ending ceremony for Thaa Yai and the deceased are off, until next year.

Thaay Yai, plenty of food

Curries and the like for the Monks, once they have eaten, all food is distributed among attendees

Plenty of family and friends can be found at the Temple and that alone is almost worth visiting each year. Besides that, the shopping for and preparation of the food is already an event in itself.
Some special sweets or 'Kanom' are made each year around Thaa Yai, only available during this time of the year.

Thaay Yai, food basket

A traditional Thaa Yai food basket, with money and little in scripted flags for the deceased, asking them to come and visit

This years event was busy as usual although the weather wasn't that great. Cloudy skies but luckily it stayed dry.

Thaay Yai, big food basket

A very big food basket

We had some good curry, deep fried fish, shell fish and plenty of other treats, prepared by the various members of the extensive family in law.

Thaay Yai, the guys

The guys sitting outside during the ceremony, waiting for the monks to finish their prayers and chanting

It was good to be here again during Thaa Yai this year and hopefully I will have time to visit and report about ending of Thaa Yai, in a few weeks time.

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