Monday, 16 September 2013

Sabeinglae 2 restaurant, Chaweng

On a regular base we've visited Sabeinglae 2 in Chaweng during the last couple of months. With friends and family and every time with nods of approval all around.
This is a sister restaurant to Sabeinglea in Lamai, of which we were already big fans! It's been around since a year and a half at least by now but this is the first time I actually took some pictures and this blog post is the result.

Sabeinglae 2 entrance in Chaweng

The entrance to the restaurant

The location is not completely easy to find but it's near Tesco Lotus on the ring road, at the traffic lights, coming from Tesco's, immediately hang a right after the crossing, there's a 7-11 or Family Mart on the corner. Can't miss it, or can you?

Interior of the restaurant, including the bar

Interior of the restaurant, with a view on the bar

Over the years we've been visiting the Lamai restaurant on a regular base but having now the option to stay a lot closer to home is great! The food in both places is quality and the prices are affordable. In Lamai the restaurant is located on the beach, which is an extra bonus.

Outside sitting area

The owner has the same family name as my wife and it doesn't come a as surprise that they're somehow related. The owner is also active in the local political scene, he was running for the recent mayor position, a few months back.

Fresh oysters

Fresh oysters or 'hoi naang rom' หอยนางรม for starters, very fresh indeed and delicious and look at the size of them!

The atmosphere in the Chaweng outlet is very relaxed and they have a one man band who sings songs at request. Usually the crowd consists of a mix of locals and Westerners with Thai families.

Curry powder with soft shell crab

Curry powder with soft shell crab or or 'puu nim phad pong karie' ปูนิ่มผัดผงกะหรี่ delicious and plenty

As already mention, the food is great, there's a big menu and if you're a little bit savvy in ordering Thai food, you'll have a party here!

Deep fried white snapper

Deep fried white snapper or 'plaa kapong tod naam plaa' ปลากะพงทอดน้ำปลา

Fish and seafood is always fresh and one of my faves on the menu is their giant prawns in tamarind sauce 'kung sod makham' กุ้งซอสมะขามปียก 

Naam prik

Naam prik prikthai on น้ำพริกพริกไทยอ่อน, a ground paste not really to my liking but Thai people seem to love it!

Definitively a restaurant to look up for some quality Thai food in a relaxed atmosphere. Bigger groups an also be catered to, we went there with 17 people and they dealt with easily.

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