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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Food on wheels; BBQ-ed banana

This month addition to the ongoing 'Food on Wheels' series is from a rarer kind around the island nowadays. 

BBQ-ed banana vendor and cart

BBQ-ed banana vendor and cart

The lady pictured here does not posses a motorized wheel variation but has a push cart and what she's selling, the BBQ-ed bananas, are not that much seen anymore around Samui. Together this makes for a rather interesting photo opportunity!

BBQ-ed banana

What it's all about; BBQ-ed bananas

The bananas being BBQ-ed. They're a specific kind of bananas; 'gluei nam wa' just one among the dozens of various kind of bananas available in Thailand. 
As with apples, some are better eaten raw, some stand out when cooking. If you visit (fruit) markets around the island, you will notice that some are fatter than others, and both color and taste differ, too

BBQ-ed banana; the accessories

BBQ-ed banana; the finished product in a bag and as the accessories; the sweet coconut based sauce

Once the bananas are done being BBQ-ed, they're put in a plastic bag (what else!) and if it's take away to eat at home, you will receive another small bag filled with an almost soup like liquor, the coconut based sweet sauce. If you decide to have a bag of bananas to eat at the spot, the sauce will be poured into the bag straight at the cart and you can start dipping in right there and then!

BBQ-ed banana; the pushcart

A push cart, that's it! Oh yes, and bananas of course 

This lady is located opposite Samui Mart in Nathon, next to the bank building. When in Nathon, worthwhile checking out and getting a bag with sticks of BBQ-ed bananas. each stick goes for around 10 Baht, pending on how heavily laden the stick is.

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