Saturday 18 May 2013

Blue Paradise Fest, Chaweng Lake, the event

Yesterday around 6pm we arrived at the Blue Paradise Fest at Chaweng Lake with the family to enjoy a couple of hours of entertainment, sponsored by Bangkok Airways to celebrate the 24th anniversary of Samui Airport.

Blue Paradise Fest, Chaweng Lake, entrance

The entrance

It was very well organized and there were only two entrance areas with good security checks. So early on it wasn't too busy but there were already enough people out and about. By the time we left  somewhere after 8pm there were still plenty of people going towards the lake.

Blue Paradise Fest, Chaweng Lake, food

There was also plenty of food, among others from members of the THA (Thai Hotel Association)

We first checked out the children's playground or Fun Park which had a few attractions like a wheel, a bungee and a fun castle for kids. Shortly after that we went to check out the food selection since we all were hungry!

Blue Paradise Fest, Chaweng Lake, stage

View towards the stage

The entrance was fee and a nice line up of Thai 'Superstars' were scheduled to perform. We saw Catherine English and the second act whose name I don't know, the shows went on until 1am and included Mario Maurer, who is world famous in Thailand!

Blue Paradise Fest, Chaweng Lake, fun park

Entrance to the fun park

During our first visit to the Fun Park there weren't many queues but shortly before we went home there were queues in front of all attractions. In general it was a lot busier by then.

Blue Paradise Fest, Chaweng Lake, wheel

The wheel at the Fun Park

Blue Paradise Fest, Chaweng Lake, bungee

Some bungee variation which seemed to be very popular with young and old

Blue Paradise Fest, Chaweng Lake, beer?

Fancy a beer anyone?

It seemed like everybody had a good time and it was nicely busy, at least 5.000 people showed up I would imagine. Now if Bangkok Airways would spend this kind of money on the 4th edition of the Samui Marathon, I would be very happy but unfortunately this event has been skipped from their agenda.

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