Wednesday 29 May 2013

Angela's Diner, Maenam

Formerly known as Angela's bakery, as posts from 2007 and 2009 can attest for, it's now renamed as Angela's Diner. A fitting name since it has indeed the feel of an American style diner. 
The good news is that only the name has changed.

Angela's Diner, Maenam

Angela's diner, new look and name

The menu hasn't changed and all my favorites are still available, the meat loaf, the club sandwiches, the hot bandana, the chicken has and last but not least, all the baked gods for desert! It's still all there and with the same level of deliciousness! 

Angela's Diner, Maenam, Angela's club sandwich

Angela's club sandwich, good as always!

The home baked bread is also still available and well worth a stop in case you pass by. In case you haven't visited there yet, the diner is located in Maenam, almost opposite from the new power station, about 100 or 200 before it if coming from Nathon, at the other side of the road.

Angela's Diner, Maenam, Cesar salad

A classy Cesar salad

They open early, 8 or 9am but close at 4pm, something not to forget! They opened already a few years ago, in December 1999, just one month after I arrived on the island and Angela and her husband are already for 17 years on Samui.  
The first month on Samui I lived near the Maenam school but then I moved and lived for almost 3 years in the soi behind Angela's and that's about how long I've already been visiting one of my favorite lunch locations on the island. 

Angela's Diner, Maenam, apple pie

Apple pie

For breakfast and lunch, this is one of the best places to be on the island, according to my taste buds! Try out the nice and extensive menu and don't forget to check out the baked goods! It's well worth the visit!

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Anonymous said...

Where excactly is Angela's Diner? I couldn't find it via google maps. I will stay in haciende beach late june and relly looking forward!

Camille said...

Don't think it is on Google maps.
If you're facing the police station, it's about 200-300 meters to your left, at the other side of the road as the police station.