Saturday, 15 September 2012

Ibis Koh Samui Trophy 2012 race day

Right now it's in full swing in the greater Maenam area, this years version of the Ibis Koh Samui trophy. The finish is expected around noon at the Ibis hotel.
The race is done by teams and consists of swimming, kayaking, running and a bicycle part.

I just got back from some of the action and here are a few impressions. Good luck to all participants of the Samui Runners Club!

Ibis Koh Samui trophy 2012

A great action shot of a team taking the curve before entering the back roads and jungle of Maenam

It's hard enough to be at the right place at the right time to see some of the participants in action, since they move constantly from one place to the other. We were lucky enough to see 3 out of 4 parts; the kayaking, a 1km run and a bicycle part.

Ibis Koh Samui trophy 2012

Arrival of a kayak team

After just having missed the last team departing for the kayak part, we reached the arrival point of this part of the race in time to see a few teams set foot on land again, just to ge ready for a 1km run to their bicycles.

Ibis Koh Samui trophy 2012

From the kayaking straight into a 1km run

It's a challenge with no rest for the wicked indeed. You finish one part of the race just to start a complete new and different discipline straight away! Respect to the participants, this must be really grueling.

Ibis Koh Samui trophy 2012

Arrived from the run, getting onto the bike

There weren't many spectators around since I found it difficult enough to find the race at all! It looked like all participants that I saw were having a good time though.

Ibis Koh Samui trophy 2012

Silent witnesses

It looked like a lot of fun to me and if I would have a bike, I would sign up. Who knows, maybe something for next year.
Results will be known later today, I hope all had a good time!

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