Sunday 16 September 2012

Car free weekend meet at Chaweng Lake

This morning saw the start of the Koh Samui car free week, where we are asked to walk  and drive bicycles more and use our cars less.

It wasn't until 1994 that the first calls were made for car free days and within two years a movement had started that is now worldwide. this coming 22nd September is world wide car free day.

Car free week Koh Samui

The event being opened by a couple of speeches

On my way to seeing a friend I made a small detour on purpose, in our car(!), just to see what was going on and I was pleasantly surprised by the turn out. I would estimate that around 250-300 bicycles plus their owners showed up. Not bad at all for this first time event on Koh Samui.

Car free week Koh Samui

A view over part of the riders

As a fairly consistent runner in the Bang Rak / Choengmon / Chaweng area, I can say that bicycle riding has become increasingly popular around the island with a few bicycle groups that each over a hundred members. Well done!
I was only there around 9.30am when it was cloudy but dry, however, about an hour later it was raining, pretty hard at times, so i hope that enough people stuck around to make it a success.  On our way home we saw plenty of individual riders peddling around on their way home.
I'm sure that the regular press around the country will report on possibly this event but surely on the Bangkok and other events around Thailand.

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