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Friday, 21 January 2011

Food on Wheels; A Samui institution on a bike

Food on Wheels; A Samui institution on a bike

And an institution she is. After I stopped this older lady today and asked if i was allowed to take a picture, I asked her how long she was already going around Samui with her bike, selling Khanom and other small food bits and pieces.

Upon asking how long she already has been going around the island she said 'Laay Pi' which means 'many years'. Right she is, during the 12 years that I'm here now, I've seen her on a regular base at various places around the island, always on her bike. She must do so many kilometers a day that her health must be very good!

If you ever see her going around, feel free to stop her, in her two baskets she has sweets and small food items for sale and she's on the road all year round. You're bound to see her sooner or later somewhere along the ring road or any of the ring roads off shoots, drive carefully around her!

I hope she will be making her rounds for years to come!



Martyn said...

Nice story Camille and what a 'sweet' old lady. Some of the older Thai women are tough cookies and go about their work with the strength of someone twenty years younger.

I bet after years of cycling the lady doesn't have any problem blowing out her birthday cake candles.

Camille said...

Hi Martyn,

She's a special woman indeed, not too sure about her 'sweetness'. Blowing out the candles shouldn't be a problem at all, no teeth will be in the way ;-)