Thursday 13 January 2011

Orgasmic Beach Restaurant, Bophud

Orgasmic Beach Restaurant, Bophud

Yesterday evening we visited a restaurant that opened about a year ago and was since a while on my 'Samui bucket' list. Orgasmic in Bophud, located near the 'My Friends bungalows and Thai food restaurant' (where local Samui folk have many wedding receptions).

The name suggest some pretty above average food should be expected and rest assured, it was well above average! Wally, the chef at this lovely located restaurant, used to be the chef at Zazen restaurant also in Bophud but decided a bit over a year ago to start his own restaurant.

Red tuna tartar with Mediterranean herbs, rocket gaspacho and wasabi crack crack

The location is excellent, having located his new place in a small cove and they build a lovely terrace overlooking Bophud bay. There's a spacious parking lot and a red bridge leads you into their restaurant where you are immediately immersed in a lovely atmosphere.
They have orchids at various places around the premises including a waterfall with 50 different species of orchids around it!

The waterfall area

Wally and his cousin Christian (a professional international bartender) run the place together and if you haven't been there yet, it's about time to make your way over!

Now on to the food, we had a variety of starters between us, 4 adults and 2 children and my friend and me had the Red tuna tartar with Mediterranean herbs, rocket gaspacho and wasabi crack crack which was really good (see picture above)!
My wife went for the sesame & wasabi crusted king prawns on tomato tandoori bed, which were also delicious.

Grilled Seabass

For mains we had plenty of dishes on our table, 5 to be exactly, one of my friends had the 'Five spices Barracuda filet with oregano roesti & sesame cream' which he found a bit sweet tasting, the kids had ''White snapper filet with zucchini, pecan-celeriac mash, cumin-carrot pastilla & dragon sabayon' the latter was really buttery and since the kids had their food well before we had ours, we were a moment a bit weary but no reason to worry!

Mixed seafood 'on the plancha'

My wife's 'Grilled sea bass with mozzarella, beurre nantais, tobiko & broccoli-wakame mash' was excellent. See one of the pix above.

My Dutch friend had a 'Mixed seafood 'on the plancha' with king prawns, baby squid, Samui blue crab, barracuda, white snapper filet served with baked potato & home made sauces'. This went down very well and especially the Samui blue crab seemed to have walked straight out of the bay into the pan, that's how fresh it was.

Poppy seeds crusted lamb loin

I went for 'Poppy seeds crusted lamb loin (240 gr), zucchini gratin, pom reinette & old fashioned mustard sauce' which literally blew my mind. This was the most tender piece of lamb I ever had with a fantastic sauce. This dish surely was orgasmic!

Sabayon & tropical fruit gratin

We were drinking a French rose wine which went down well with the seafood and the meat and after all this onslaught, I was the only that managed to order and eat a dessert; 'Sabayon & tropical fruit gratin, scented with Grand Marnier liquor & jasmine ice cream' which was also very delicious.

Orgasmic is definitely one of the absolute top restaurants on Samui and I can highly recommend a visit. It ain't a cheap location but well worth it. It's also advisable to make a reservation, their phone # is 08 5708 4615 (Christian).

Can't wait to go back!



Paul Garrigan said...

Looks good Camille. Do they do vegetarian food?

Camille said...

Hi Paul,

Yes, they do!
They also have a very big Thai menu!

Paul Garrigan said...

I spent two months at Bophud alomst a decade ago. Maybe it is time for another visit.

Camille said...

Hi Pail,

Bophud is a very nice area and they did a good job to keep it 'clean' and 'nice', a lot of the 'Fishermans Village' still has traditional houses and there are no girlie bars allowed but instead it has plenty of good restaurants there!

I wonder and doubt if you will still recognize a lot ;-)

Kelly said...

Dag Camille,
Bedankt voor de review over Orgasmic, wilden daar allang eens gaan eten.
We zijn in december in Zazen geweest en het eten was toch niet meer hetzelfde als met chef Wally

Camille said...

Hoi kelly,

Fijn dat je de review bevalt. Ik kan het alleen maar aanraden!

Martyn said...

Camille the food looks top tucker but it also has the appearance which is accompanied with a heavy bill.

Did the Orgasmic bill when it arrived make you go all weak at the knees and say.."Aaaaah ohhhhhh I'm not sure I have that much in my wallet".

The food looks great and the way you describe the restaurant's setting makes it sound like a real good evening out to savour.

Camille said...

Hi Martyn,

The food is top notch indeed and the bottle of wine softened the impact the arrival of the bill ;-)

A hefty bill was expected though but it was worthwhile, unfortunately not a place I can visit as many times as I want!

Unknown said...

have been many times chez Wally and we love it. Food is excellent and price is absolutely ok for what you get. We deeply can recommand this place.

Camille said...

Good one Marion!

Thx for stopping by!