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Friday, 28 January 2011

Cebu Transportation, PI style

Cebu Transportation, PI style

Having lived in Thailand now for 12 years and having visited almost all neighboring countries (Myanmar is still on my 'to visit' list), the Philippines is a first for me.

It's very Asian but also very different compared to Thailand, which I call my home. One of the things that struck as being very different is the means of transportation. The jeepneys are most likely the most famous sample and best known, however, on my trip by taxi from Cebu airport to the North of Cebu island, where I had to take a ferry over to Malapascua, I did notice two different means of transportation, the tricycle and the pedicab!

The tricycle is a motorbike with a rather big sidecar mounted to it in which up to 6 or 7 people can sit, plus their luggage. This is how one looks like from the back of, in the picture above.

This is a tricycle in action! Besides the driver, two people are sitting on the outside next to the driver, a couple of people are sitting inside the covered side mountain and seemingly at least person is hanging outside of the tricycle. Truly an amazing way of getting around for medium sized distances of in my estimate a couple of kilometers max. For longer distances the jeepneys will be a more convenient option, I assume.

A couple of parked tricycles, waiting for business

Than there's the option for even shorter distances, the pedicab, a push bike with a side mountain that holds two passengers There are two seats) and luggage. Amazing PI!

On Malapascua, the island where I'm conducting a PADI IDC, there's hardly any form of transportation besides your feet and an occasional motorbike.


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