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Monday, 6 December 2010

Hotel bookings throughout Thailand

Hotel bookings throughout Thailand

When you come to visit Koh Samui, my Samui Hotel recommendation blog may come in handy to get good advice on my knowledge of the specific resorts around his island. Very recently I had a blog post about this Samui hotel recommendation blog and it received a good amount of views.

Most likely, when you visit Samui, you will be staying somewhere else in Thailand as well, not only on Koh Samui. For this purpose I also have my Thailand hotel recommendation blog, in which I report first hand from hotels that I stayed at during my travels or places that I know of. Especially recently, when I started to conduct IDC's around Thailand, I find out about some great resorts.
My list of hotels in Koh Phangan, Koh Lanta and Kao Lak is growing because of this.

Hotels Combined .com

Hotels Combined, an excellent search tool for finding hotels around Thailand!

My reviews are personnel and honest, a very good way of finding out about a lot of small things that the websites and booking sites don't comment on or are not mentioned.

Have a look and browse around and maybe you find just that information that makes it worthwhile booking through my blog(s).


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