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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Food on Wheels; Fruit

Food on Wheels; Fruit

Time for some Food on Wheels action again and today's entry is about a very popular variation and because of it's popularity, also appearing a lot in the Thai streets; Fruit vendors.

A typical fruit vendor cart

Thailand has a wide variety of different fruits that most Thais like to eat a lot as well. Put them two variations together and dozens of Thai vendors will sell fruit on a daily base. During hot days they can be a very refreshing appearance with their cooled down fruit assortment. The fruit sits behind glass windows on ice cubes to prevent it from turning bad quickly.

I clearly remember during my first visit to Thailand, when I was wandering around Bangkok's streets and finally had the courage to walk up to one of these vendors and order pine apple and the taste explosion that hit my taste buds. This was pine apple that couldn't be compared with any canned or fresh pine apple back in Europe. I was totally blown away by it and ever since have been buying various kinds of fruit from these vendors.

Popular fruits include the already mentioned pine apple, water melon, mango and papaya, just to mention a few.

Sometimes the carts aren't motorized at all and the vendors sell just one kind of fruit, like this grape vendor in Kao Lak.

If it's your visit to Thailand, don't hesitate and buy some fruit of the vendors, you will love the taste and you'll become a frequent customer instantly. The price is also great, most fruits range between 20 and 30 THB per serving.



Talen said...

Camille, I love the fruit vendors. The fruit is always so fresh and delicious. They are like candy machines in America...everywhere.

Camille said...

Hi Talen,

Thanks for popping by and yes, they are great to have around!

Martyn said...

Camille the fruit vendors make great snaps for photographers, the colours are always amazing.

If you took all the fruit out of Thailand their economy would collapse big time. Thais are big big fruit consumers.

Camille said...

Hi Martyn,

The colors are overwhelming indeed, as are some tastes. I love durian but there are plenty of people who can't get anywhere near it.