Friday, 3 September 2010

Siripoca restaurant, Bang Po

Siripoca restaurant, Bang Po

This is one of the locals fave places, well hidden away but simple and delicious straightforward Thai food.

The Siripoca in Bang Po, is not easy to detect and you would miss it if you don't know where it is. It's not too far away from Bang Po Seafood restaurant, of which I posted a while ago.

It's also not the best looking place and has nothing that really stands out visually when you're looking for it, It's just a few meters backed away from the ring road but worth looking for if you're in this neck of the Samui woods, for instance if you're on your way to Samui immigration in Nathon or renewing your driving license in Lipa Noi!

As already mentioned it's all very basic but very functional. The typical meat display with duck, chicken and pork (moo krob or crispy pork).

All seating arrangement, tables and chairs, are directly on the sand but there's a fantastic view on to Koh Phangan, well worthwhile the stop!

Besides selling Thai food a la carte, they also sell all kind of Khanom or sweets ads the Thais call it. Little and/or small sweet snacks. Well worth trying out! Soon more about this.

We've been here before to get some Kao Man Kai, which my wife ordered, but when I test a place, I always choose the same thing, so I can compare between two of my fave dishes, One dish is Phat Phet Mu Krob (Stir fried crispy pork) which I ordered today and it was very good! Tasty and spicy, just the way I like it! See the above picture. Here's a good recipe for Phat Phet Mu or ผัดเผ๊ดหมู, you just need to replace the pork in the recipe with crispy pork!
The other test meal I use is Plaa Muek Phat Krapao or ปลาหมึกผัดกะเพรา. Since I eat both of them a lot and I have my fave places for each of these dishes it's really simple to compare once I order them! Siripoca passed the test with flying colors!

On to the Khao Man Kai or ข้าวมันไก่, my wife's choice today. Siripoca is well known for this dish and she enjoyed it. This is a classic Thai meal but it's also a kind of recycled meal; bones are boiled to make stock, the stock is used to cook the chickens and rice and to make soup, the bones from the chickens are used to make more stock and so the cycle continues.
It's not just any old rice that comes with this meal, if tit's done correctly, the rice is cooked in the stock!

Getting back to the Khanom, they also have Khanom Thuai or ขนมถ้วย on offer, a really nice and sweet dessert topped with a great coconut layer. There are just a few places on Samui that offer these kind of sweets or Khanom Thuai.

This is how they are served. Two identical cups on top of each other, which when opened reveal their sweet treasure.

Dig in and enjoy. This is one of the good eateries on Samui with a clean kitchen, which my wife finds very important and the restaurant is popular with local Samui-ans and alike. What better proof for good tasting goodies can you have?


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