Sunday, 19 September 2010

Samui Island Marathon, Nathon

Samui Island Marathon, Nathon

Today I participated in the quarter marathon of the Samui Island Marathon with start and finish in Nathon.

It was a well organized event and for instance it was a lot easier finding parking space than I expected. It was early though and the quarter mile start was at 5.30am in the morning! We woke up at 4am and made it just around 5.10am to Nathon.

It was nice to see the amount of people participating in this event and I truly hope it was enough to make it worthwhile to have the event again next year, I'll set my stakes higher and aim to complete the half marathon then.

Here is a picture of one of the participants. He was one of the few Westerners participating and I really enjoyed seeing that many Thai people participating, originating from all over the country!

The start of my category in the streets of Nathon near the pier. It was quite a big group all divided in age groups and male/female categories and the five first finishers got cash prices in each age group and male/female category.

Just before the quarter marathon start, the half marathon runners got going about 15 minutes before us.
Upon reaching my 1 km to go mark, the first three half marathon runners overtook me!

My run went well, as I expected, I did the 10.55km just under an hour, in 59.26 minutes which for me is a good time. My average running distance is now around 5 to 6 km, which made my start good and easy but reaching the turn around mark I started to slow down.

After the run, my son showing off the participants medal!

Till next year, I'm looking forward to it. This was a nice first for me, I never visited a running event, let alone participated in one.



Talen said...

Camille, Congrats on participating in the marathon...much more than I could do at the moment. You also had an excellent time in the quarter marathon.Here's hoping next year you complete the half Marathon.

Camille said...

Thanks Talen,

Considering I never train or run more than 6km the time was really good in within my expectation. To next year's half marathon!