Monday, 22 February 2010

3 years of blogging and going strong!

3 years of blogging and going strong!

Can't believe it myself but it's true, just a tad bit over three years ago saw my first post on this blog on 16th February 2007; a welcoming message with a weather report.

The 18th February 2007 saw my first stand alone weather update!

My blog has changed quite a bit since my first attempts of blogging and a lot of visitors have come and gone since. Currently an average amount of 100 to 150 visitors per month visit this blog and if there's some rubbernecking to do like the 7-11 fire due to a car crashing into said 7-11 in Bang Rak in 2008 or the plane crash at Samui airport in 2008, visitors easily reach 600 to 800 or more per day.

It's been good and I still enjoy doing this, I actually have currently 4 blogs up and running and it may not be the end! A few more ideas for blogging are bubbling and just need to hatch. Have you already checked out my dive blog, my Samui hotel recommendation blog and my Thailand hotel recommendation blog?

All written from a personal perspective and/or personal experience with lots of good tips about either diving on and around Samui or your hotel choice on Samui and around Thailand.

Thanks for sticking around, I know there are some steady readers out there and welcome to all new readers and a big hello to all my fellow Thai and international bloggers that I met in the comfort of my living room sitting behind my keyboard! You guys rock!



Jamie Monk said...

Cheers Camille and I hope to meet you sometime soon!

Barry-Ireland said...

Hi Camille, just a message to say im still reading 'almost' daily to check in what's happening in samui, been reading your blog now for around 2 and a half years, i checked in almost daily for a year before my visit to samui and then have been reading for the past year and a half since my visit as i miss samui almost every day! Keep up the great work!

Camille Lemmens said...

Jamie, it's about time we meet!

Barry; That's very much appreciated, hope you will be able to make it back soon!