Wednesday 2 July 2008

Hainanese style houses on Samui

Hainanese style houses on Samui

In my blog post last week about the Chinese Temple in Hua Thanon, I mentioned
a Hainanese legacy on Samui. Over the weekend, when we visited the waterfall in Baan Namuang, I went back to Hua Thanon to take some pictures of typical Hainan style houses.

Here are three perfect samples of such Hainan style houses in Hua Thanon, as you can see, they're made of wood and typically have two floors. This one seems to be housing a motorbike repair shop.

Here's an other prime sample of a stand alone Hainan style house in Hua Thanon.

This is also a typical sight in Hua Thanon, a few Hainan style houses next to each other, build in to a variety of shops or restaurants.

Here's a sample from a Hainan style house in Nathon, converted in to a restaurant.

Another excellent place to find houses build in this style are in Nathon and Bophud, although in Bophud, a lot of the original houses have been renovated but it has been done in a nice authentic way giving it a modern flair.


BTW It's 10 am and it has drizzled and rained pretty much from 8 am onwards and there's a rather dark, cloud filled sky.


Anonymous said...

Hee, da's leuke info! Wist ik niet, vond 't gewoon leuke huizen! Nu ik 't weet, ga ik er eens beter opletten. Fijn weekend!

Camille Lemmens said...

Hoi Monique,

Vindt het leuk dat je weer iets nieuws over Samui hebt kunnen bijleren. Soms zijn weetjes zo voor de hand liggend dat je er niet eens op let, omdat zo als je al zegt, het gewoon leuke huisjes zijn!

Het maakt van 'gewone' dingen zoals huisjes op Samui toch weer een beetje meer spciaal en ik kijk er in elk geval nu met andere ogen naar.