Saturday 19 July 2008

Wat Kanuram revisited in Lamai

Wat Kanuram revisited in Lamai

It's been almost a year to the date, that I posted about this Wat in Lamai. It's one of the better known Wats on the island, mainly because it houses the remains of the famous Mummified Monk. There's another Temple with a Mummified Monk in Wat Kiri Wongkaram, Baan Taling Ngam however, this Wat is not as conveniently located on the ring road as Wat Kanuram, not too far away from the Waterfalls at Baan Namuang.
Just like Wat Racha Tamaram in Lamai a little further down the road towards Lamai, Wat Kanuram has construction going on.

It seems that the Samui Temples are doing well with the tourist increase over the years!

The building pictured above is being under construction and the tree in front of this building was in the way, so it must have been decided to cut parts of the trees away. Funnily enough this was done on yesterday's Buddhist Lent Day, so it was a bit of a surprise to see the Monks labouring so hard. They kept their vows though and didn't leave the Temple grounds.

This picture shows the Monks waiting for the guy with the chainsaw in the middle of the tree, to cut some incisions into the branch. And do these chainsaws make a noise, oh yeah!

This is the moment the tree branch came down with the new building in the background. We were lucky to walk into the Temple ground whilst this was in full progress so we could witness this 'event'.

After all the excitement we had over the tree being partly felled, it was time to check out the Mummified Monk again. As one can clearly see, he's gone mainstream with Pepsi jumping the band wagon.

Here's a picture of the actual Monk, Luong Por Daeng, before he died and Mummified his body.

This a better picture of Loung Por Daeng than in the original post. It's not that easy to get a picture in without reflections bouncing off from the windows surrounding him.

This Temple I can highly recommend to visit, it's not everyday that one can see a Mummified Monk with his own eyes.


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