Sunday 20 July 2008

Erik's Restaurant, former Ciao and 'Lady Boxing' in Lamai

Erik's Restaurant, former Ciao and 'Lady Boxing' in Lamai

With an average of once every two years I seem to visit Erik's Swedish Restaurant in Lamai, formerly known as Ciao Restaurant.

It's smack down in the middle of Lamai, a stone throw away from the Bauhaus.

The food is mainly Swedish and makes for a nice break from the usual standard fare available everywhere. As they say in the picture below; Are you tired of rice everyday? Than this is one of the places to be!

The whole theme of the restaurant is Swedish oriented, with local football and ice hockey shirts on the wall and the ceiling. The place is really big but is nicely split up in a front part and another room in the back.

The food is very affordable, most meals are less than 200,-THB, which is a real bargain and you get plenty. This is what I ordered, 3 different kinds of Herring. Note the boiled potatoes, it was ages ago I had some of them! Yummy.

One of the other guys in our party ordered this beef with mashed potatoes dish, which was plenty and excellent, he stated.

We also had some apple cake with vanilla sauce as desert, the fact that cake translates as 'kaka' in Swedish, didn't temper us from ordering, in contrast!

If you're Swedish or just looking for a cheap and good meal, but something completely different, try Erik's place. I can recommend it.

Since it was a Saturday night evening, we also visited the "Lady Boxing' event, held every Saturday at the cluster of beer bars. located at the one way street in Lamai, you can't really miss it. It was packed as usual and the Muay Thai fights are alternated by local bar girls giving their all in the fights and quite literally beating each other around the ring in a very fanatic way, since if they win, they will also win a couple of thousand Baht, after each 'Lady Fight' there's a fight between two guys, from the local Muay Thai training schools, who get pretty serious and down to business.

However, the third fight of the evening turned out to be between two boys aged 9 or 10 and it turned us all off, so we went to Chaweng, which happens to be a lot nearer home as well.

All in all, the 'Lady Boxing' nights are well worth watching and visiting on a Saturday night! They start at about 10.30 pm and last well until after midnight.



Anonymous said...

When I read "Erik's restaurant" I suddenly had a thought of diving Erik and had to read this post!

Nice review of the muay thai too. Am getting more into watching that now, and watch plenty of UFC when it's shown here in Japan. Plus the fact that one of my diving students is a very good kickboxer (I'm scared not to certify her!) helps, too.

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Dave,

A trip to Lamai once in while is a nice break and lots of fun!