Sunday 13 July 2008

Chinese Temple, Laem Din, Chaweng

Chinese Temple, Laem Din, Chaweng

With the continuing astonishing interest for the Chinese Temple in Maenam on this blog, this is by far the most read post on my blog for more than a month running now, I thought it will be a good moment to include another Chinese Temple, after I already posted about the Chinese Temple in Hua Thanon.
I'm really curious as to why the post about the Chinese Temple in Maenam receives so much interest, if somebody has an idea, please enlighten me, enquiring minds would like to know.

Chaweng hosts it's own Chinese temple, located near the Laem Din market.

It's easy recognizable, coming from Laem Din market, when you come to a crossing with these two monkeys on it. The way to the left leads away to Chaweng Noi (an interesting road to follow, leading to some 'unexplored' roads) and if you continue straight on, you hit the ring road.

Here's a frontal view of the Temple. The Temple has been here for as long as I can remember, which is just about 9 years. It is undergoing a continual renovation that's taking a few years already. Little bit by little bit is being fixed or restored and currently the Temple looks magnificent.

Inside are plenty of very colourful details and the main 'Altar' is a real eye catcher.

To the left side of the Temple, is a table with this simple 'game' on it, called Saem See. In the container are various, numbered sticks, which correspond with the numbers on the drawers in the background. The idea is to shake the container and have one stick fall out. You read the number on the stick that fell out of the container and grab a paper that has a corresponding number as on the stick and this piece of paper will tell you your fortune or future.

On both sides of the Temple one can find these fantastic and beautiful Chinese style, massively big vases.

This Temple is rather small, like the one in Maenam but is beautifully decorated and well worth a visit, which you can easily combine with a walk over Laem Din market.


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