Sunday, 30 December 2007

The year 2007

It's almost over; 2007 and we're getting ready for the new year; 2008.

Just a quick few moments to reflect on 2007.

It's the year that I started this weather blog on 16th February and to my own surprise, it seems a lot more successful than I had ever imagined or expected.

The highlight being late October and early November when a lot of 'rubbernecking' went on about the conditions on Samui, which by the way, where not very good, loads of rain and some parts of Samui were declared a disaster zone. Thanks for your interest by the way, I received emails on a daily base with questions about the situation.

That month alone I had over 7.000 clicks on my blog! Thanks to you all out there! Now it's back to a 'mere' 3.700 clicks during December, which again, isn't that bad at all.
Thanks again to you guys, out there in Taiwan, Russia, US of A, UK, Netherlands, Australia, Brazil, China, India, South Africa, Sweden, Norway and in the Gulf! Thanks for checking in once in a while!

Very good news towards the end of the year was that my friend Crispin got out of jail after almost a year and a half and all his charges have been dropped! Good to know you're a free man again Crispin, you deserve it!

A few folks I'd like to point out;

My friend Dave in Okinawa who has his own Japan/dive blog, who was an inspiration to me for starting my blog.

Jamie in Phuket, who runs a Phuket weather blog who was also inspirational and who also runs a very informative Phuket blog. I really wish there were more weather blogs on various parts of Thailand, if you know about any, please let me know!

Monique, another Dutchie here on Samui, who has just the most amazing photo blog with many pix about Samui.

My other blogs, the dive blog and my Samui hotel recommendations blog.

Of course, you, the readers of my blog!

If you all appreciate my blog, keep it alive, don't forget the donation button or to click on my advertisements, it keeps my blog boat floating and please keep supporting the above mentioned blogs!

All the best for the New Year to you all.


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