Monday, 24 December 2007

Mango, Russian Cafe and restaurant in Chaweng

Last night was Russian night.

Unfortunately this restaurant has closed down.

We went to Chaweng for a Russian dinner. Steve, one of my future IDC candidates was in town with friends and since his wife is Russian, the choice was rather easily made.

It's also nice to have time again to post on this blog, since I was rather busy with diving, see my dive blog for my latest adventures.

The restaurant is located at the entrance/parking lot for TOPS supermarket in Chaweng, or kind of behind Will Wait at the beach road.

The food was outstanding and it's an interesting adventure to eat and discover new food! Most of you may have heard of the traditional beetroot soup Borscht. This is on the Russian menu but so are a lot of other delicious options. Luckily Alexei was there, Steve's wife cousin, so he and Steve's wife decided to order a mix of traditional Russian starters. This picture shows the so called ' fish under a blanket' and it's delicious. It's herring covered by veggies and other things. Other starters we had was a kind of potato salad and various other dishes who's name I forgot already.

Ask for the Russian menu once you're there!

As mains we had Chicken Kiev, a stew with tomatoes and smoked pork, stuffed peppers and how about this creamy, cheesy lobster for Russian seafood? It was all well worth while and I can recommend this restaurant if you would like to try something different.



Anonymous said...

Goeie tip Camille! Als je ook nog eens een Grieks restaurant tegenkomt?! :)
OT: Dan van die dubbele kokosnoten wist ik niet, wel van het arme zwarte schaap dat nu met die strandgrond zit opgezadeld! :))
Fijne kerstdagen!

Camille Lemmens said...

Hoi Monique,

Een lekkere Moussaka zou er best wel ingaan! Verder dan een paar verdwaalde Spanjaarden kom je echter helaas niet op Samui, Italianen genoeg maar Grieks, ho maar!

Prettige kerstdagen!