Friday, 14 December 2007

14th December, 2007

Today's weather;

Today's update is a bit late since it was a bit of a late night yesterday, celebrating a very successful ending of the PADI IE, there are pix up on my dive blog.
It's grey and raining. Ouch! It started out as a drizzle about half an hour ago but by now it's been a steady downfall. It looks like things will/may clear up after the weekend again though.
At 7 am it was 24.5C.

Yesterday started out lovely on Koh Tao but on the way over to Koh Samui it started to rain, just before we got into Koh Phangan and back on Samui the roads were wet everywhere.
Last night, during the night out in Chaweng, the sky had cleared up again with tons of shiny starts in it, but this morning those stars were replaced by rain again.
Yesterday's max temp reached 29.4C


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