Saturday, 28 July 2007

MK Suki Restaurants

MK Suki Restaurants,

Are located all over Thailand and most of all in shopping malls In Samui there's one located at Tesco Lotus. It's not the most usual choice for a restaurant recommendation, but Thailand has lots of 'chain' restaurants and MK is one of them and a very popular one as well, especially with the Thais. So, in due time I'll tell about the various chain restaurants in Thailand, and MK bites the bullet.

The MK restaurants have an easily recognisable logo, you can't miss it.

Their menu is in two languages, English and Thai and each dish has a photo of itself. One can order as much as he wants, vegetables, pork, assorted fish, all pre-fabricated and refrigerated and they bring it out on small trays which you dump in a hot water cooker and than you wait a few minutes for the food to get ready and you dig in and take the food out of the cooker. MK's main winner in my opinion is their excellent sauce, which makes the meal.

The sauce comes with a small tray which contains garlic, green chilies and lime.

The Samui entrance to MK.

They also serve a lot of side dishes, from green noodles to excellent duck. The duck I can highly recommend. Various drinks are on offer as well but free cold tea is served during the whole meal.

This is how a typical table looks upon entry and clearly visible is the big hot water pan in which the food is cooked. Children plates are available.

This is the battlefield after we're done.

Now it's time to clean our hands and pay the bill. Oh, it's cheap as well, with 4 persons, 2 adults and 2 kids I paid about 400 Baht, not including drinks.

A couple of times per day, the staff is required to perform a little dance, when we entered today at 11.30am it was just on and it's rather funny to watch.

All in all it's a recommendable experience, not necessarily for the top quality food, that's decent but rather for the whole experience in itself, the ordering and the cooking of the food.



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