Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Aux Amis, Restaurant in Bang Rak

Aux Amis, Restaurant in Bang Rak

Aux Amis has relocated to Bophud/Fisherman's village

Since a while I'm thinking about including reviews from restaurants and possibly hotels and other places of interest on Koh Samui, that I personally like and therefor want to recommend on my blog here. More and more I'll try to not restrict myself on the weather part of Samui, but give you some more information on good or fun places to visit, restaurants that do it for me and so on.

The first restaurant to bite the bullet is a long time favorite in Bang Rak, Aux Amis.
Me and family and some friends just visited it tonight again.

The restaurant is located in Bang Rak, facing the Ghost Road junction, at your right hand, maybe 500 or 600 meters, towards Bophud (aka Fisherman's Village).
The place is easily recognisable by it's sign, the French version of a smiley. It's run by three French guys and they enjoy doing it. They have a nice menu which contains French and Thai dishes. Prices start around 100,-Baht to 250,-Baht, so all very reasonable.

One of the owners sings every Tuesday and Friday some French chansons during a couple of sets. Lots of locals meet here and not only French. Opposite them is a very popular English pub located but they still attract English folks, almost every night.

One of the best nights to visit them is on Tuesday night, when they have a special deal on Moules Marinieres Frites or Mussels with French Fries (am I glad they're not called Freedom fires anymore! Who came up with that anyway, one of GWB's buddy's?) for just 150,-Baht. On request they also have home made mayonnaise.

One gets a massive pan filled to the rafters with mussels! Enjoy it!

Every Friday they serve freshly made Paella (one of the three owners is French with Spanish parents). Once more, a giant plate of Paella is served for just 250,-Baht.

Besides these two days, they're worthwhile visiting just for their regular menu.

Bon appetite,



Anonymous said...

The paella was excellent when I went to Aux Amis and it gets a commendation from me. The mussels I'll refrain from commenting as I had a couple of bad mussel experience between Aux Amis and the "French Restaurant".

Wonder if the latter still has the same staff working there...

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Dave,

Am planning to go there tonight again and have some Paella.

Had plenty of mussels there and never had a problem although they can cause probs.

Never been to the 'French Restaurant' again so wouldn't know how the current staff looks like.