Saturday 21 July 2007

Saunthamma Temple at Hin Lad waterfalls

Saunthamma Temple at Hin Lad waterfalls

Part of a nice day trip around the island can be to visit the above mentioned temple near Nathon.
If you're coming from the direction of Maenam, it's at the red lights, about three kilometers outside Nathon, to your left, or if you're coming from Lamai, at the traffic lights before you enter Nathon, to your right. It's the opposite direction if you go to the Government hospital in Nathon.

The location of the temple is most amazingly located in a lush jungle setting and there are beautiful Buddha statues hidden everywhere. Above is the entrance sign to the temple.

Here is the actual entrance gate to the temple complex, just before you hit the waterfall, it goes off to your left.

At the actual waterfall there's lots of places to sit, hang out, eat (like all the other Thais) or swim as shown above.
A simple but beautiful Buddha shrine with an amazing background. The temple grounds are very peaceful, just wandering around and following the small paths makes your pace drop a bit.

A three headed Buddha statue with colourful guirlandes or 'Puang Ma Lay' (see my article about the school party in Wat Plai Laem

Next to the three faced Buddha is this Buddha statue with a spectacular rocky background.

Strewn around the whole temple grounds one can find these 'words of wisdom' by Buddha.

Another statue with amazing light falling through the surrounding trees.

Time to ring the bell. This can be found on a small open ground.

Another word of wisdom by Buddha, although with a slightly older piece of iron as a background.
I can highly recommend this rather lesser known temple on Samui, since it's set in beautiful and lush jungle surroundings with not too many people visiting the place.

Enjoy your trip around the island.



Anonymous said...

Some more great photos on what looks like an interesting place to visit. Must have missed that one on my trip to Thailand - no doubt I was spending far too long on preparing for knowledge review presentations and... other things!

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Dave,

I know, those Knowledge review presentations are a real bugger, he he he.

Wonder what other things you could mean. Hmmmm, working out?

On a more serious note though, the Temple is a lovely place to spend some time and gives opportunity to shoot some great pix.

Next time around, gives you some other things to do! ;-)