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Thursday, 12 July 2007

12th July, 2007

Today's weather;

It's a lovely morning, an almost complete blue sky with a current temp of 26C.

Yesterday it was nice and relatively sunny up until 14.30 hrs when once more hard winds and rain reigned for a good hour, after that, gradually it became dry again but no sunshine anymore.
Max temp was 31.5C

Two days ago, when we completed the AI (Assistant Instructor part of the IDC, see my Dive blog
the beach in Chaweng was rather busy and last night I drove through Chaweng in the early evening, around 21.00 hrs and it was busy, loads of people strolling around. It looks like the season has started.

Finally some sunny greetings again from Samui,


Dave said...

We've got winds picking up here as Okinawa prepares for a direct typhoon hit in the next 12 hours.

Don't tell me things about Chaweng like that. Makes me want to get back there!!!

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Dave,

This is your season man, time to start looking into flights! He he he.