Wednesday 30 May 2007

Goodbye to May 2007

Hi to all readers,

With just one more day to go in May 2007, it's about time to start saying goodbye to May 2007.

It most certainly didn't start out as a good month, weather wise, especially in the beginning of the month.

It did pick up rather nicely though and personally I found the rain showers at the end of the month rather appealing and a nice welcome to cool off the evenings from rather warm days.

As the Gang of Four already knew some 20 odd years ago;

Heated couplings in the sun
(Or is that untrue?)
Colder couplings in the night
(Never saw your body)

Back on topic though, the weather on Samui. I thought this picture taken by Ton Mandemaker, sums this month nicely up, there's sunshine but in a cloudy sky and it comes complete with a nice view on Big Buddha. All good after all.

Stay tuned for next month' daily weather updates and hope to see you on Samui soon,


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