Thursday, 1 December 2016

Welcome to December 2016

It's 1st December and we can say 'Welcome to December 2016', usually the wettest month of the year around Koh Samui and this month doesn't seem to become an exception. Lot's of rain and strong wind is predicted for the first week of December 2016.
December is in the middle of the rainy season and usually we have rainy weather until about halfway through the month, except last year the rain lasted almost until the end of the month.
This year it may be best to be prepared for a wet first half of the month, what happens during the second half remians to be seen, it's too early right now to predict.

Welcome to December 2016

Welcome to December 2016; At the foot of the Meh Guan Ihm statue at Wat Plai Laem or Wat Laem Suwannaram, around the corner of our house. One of the most interesting or possibly the most interesting temple of the island when it comes down to statues and buildings to be checked out. Well worth a visit once on the island.

Right now I'm on Phuket for a few more days before for a few days back home to Koh Samui and on 8th December I will take a ferry to Koh Phangan again, where I will be until shortly before Christmas.

Wishing you an enjoyable festive month and who knwos, maybe you find yourself back on Koh Samui, if so, enjoy and do keep checking into this blog for updates on weather and things to do around Koh Samui.

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