Thursday 8 December 2016

Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 8th December, 2016

Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 8th December, 2016

Today's weather;

Everything is at constant change, and so it's now the Koh Samui's weather turn, it stopped raining yesterday afternoon and it's still dry this monring with some starts to be spotted in the sky very early on. Now we have a very thin cloud layer and maybe, just maybem, we can expect a few bleak sun rays today.
The good news is that the rain now should have stopped and all or most of the recent floods disappeared within a few hours after the rain stopped. There's still a lot of run off water coming down from the mountains and this will continue for at least a few days, this may cause very local mini floods.
Current temp at 7am is 25C

Later today I will be off to Koh Phangang to satrt a PADI IDC tomorrow.

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Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 8th December, 2016

Picture and all rights by Anne Sophie Maestracci
A nice change from the previous days, there was a sunset yesterday at Samrong Bay! A sign of things to come over the next seven days.

Although the forecast predicted that the rain would stop yesterday, we had four to five hours torrential rain during the morning yesterday and lighter rain for a few hours afterwards. This caused the drainage systems that is already full to the rafters with water, to not being able to handle the water and roads and hot sopts flooded once more.
Once the rain stopped around 2pm, the water receded fairly quickly. It looks we can move forward now and leave the floods behind us. Max temp reached 25C

Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 8th December, 2016

Sunset view over partially flooded Koh Samui yesterday

Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 8th December, 2016

The road to our house was blocked yesterday morning and early afternoon, coming from Bang Rak, there's a detour road available though.
After four to five hours of torrential rain and a few hours of light rain, the floods disappeared rather swiftly once it stopped raining but it was supposed to be one big traffic jam as soon as you got near the ring road so all shopping plans were postponed. We did have dinner at Juzza Pizza in Fisherman's Village yesterday and it was good as always although only two tables were occupied.

The picture above shows the road early in the morning and below is when it was closed down

Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 8th December, 2016

The closed down road near our house

The forecast is looking again, still cloudy, possibly an occasional cunbeam but also be prepared for some light rain. Not the same torrential rain as we experienced during the last couple of days.
Hope all is getting better and back to normal again, everybody on Koh Samui is ready for it!

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Anonymous said...

Update us about phangan's condition soon. Heard it was also flooding yesterday. Dont know to what extent that is true but let us know ��

Camille said...

Am leaving today for Koh Phangan, in the afternoon.
They surely had some flooding problems but also on Phangan the sun is out now and most of the floods will recede sooner or later.
Once on Koh Phangan, I will have daily updates from there as well.

Hope this helps for now.

alison said...

hi cammile im arriving in koh samui on 30th from bangkok for a week please keep can you keep posting thank you alison

Camille said...

Hi Alison,

By the 30th all should be back to normal. The current situation should be behind us within a few days, the way things look like right now.
There will be daily updates, so don't worry about that.

Unknown said...

Hi, we are reaching there 12th morn. Is it advisable to come

Unknown said...

Hi! We are a big family traveling to Koh Samui from Norway on Sunday. Staying for 3 weeks. 17 people, 3 generations. So this is supposed to be the trip of a lifetime, with so many family members able to join.
Your blog has been very interesting to follow, because of the weather situation that has concerned us a lot. There is so many different weather forecasts that say different things about the next weeks. Do you think there is any chance for sun and beach weather any time soon? Or should we cancel our (non refundable) house booking, and go somewhere else in Thailand? Is it better in Koh pangan or same?
Another thing: I wanted to donate because I find your blog very helpful, but the link went to PayPal all in Thai, so maybe you should make one in English also.
Best regards Mona

Camille said...

Is it advisable to come? What can I say? Koh Samui is not dangerous, it's safe to be here, it just rained in a way that we don't experience often in the rainy season. The next couple of days will have rain again, but most likely not the same we just experienced.
At this moment for the next 7 days there should not be lots of rain, today it was even sunny.
Maybe the 15th we see more rain again according to current predictions/forecast. In a week a lot can happen with the weather predictions.

Camille said...

Hi Mona,

Other parts of Thailand have statistically better conditions, during this time of the year, but not Koh Phangan, that has the same weather conditions as Koh Samui, since we're practically neighbors.

Koh Samui is in a monsoon period, so some rain can be expected this time of the year, however, the next 7 days should be nice with just a little bit of rain. According to forecasts, the 15th had lots of rain again, but a lot can happen in a weeks time, so it's needs to be seen if that forecast will hold.

Regarding PayPal, I am ion Thailand and my link is in English. Strange, on the bottom of the PayPal page, you may find a language button though! Maybe that works and thanks for trying.