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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 21st September, 2016

Today's weather;

It's cloudy this morning over Koh Samui and it looks like it will stay like this today, with the addition of rain and drizzle throughout the day and a fair breeze. Current temp at 7am is 28C 

Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 21st September, 2016

Death wish at Soi 1 in Maenam (the road that connects or short cuts between Maenam and Lamai). This is one of the many off road jeeps that are being used by companies that offer trips around the island during which you visit many attractions on Koh Samui. On top of their roof they also have seats, in which sometimes up to four people sit. If the truck or jeep suddenly needs to abruptly break, the people sitting on top of the drivers cabin will be catapulted straight forward, on the road or into the back of whatever is in front of them. Each year people die like this and as far as I know, to the best of my knowledge, it is prohibited to sit on top of the drivers cabin. You don't see this anymore on the main roads, but it seems that as soon as they get off the main roads, people are allowed to sit on top again. Have you seen this? What do you think of this?

Yesterday saw a cloudy to at times partially cloudy day with the sun breaking out at times. Max temp reached 33C

The forecast predicts the clouds to break up and disappear by Sunday afternoon, the wind should have had it last breath on Saturday and up to Saturday night we may see and experience some showers. From Monday onward it should clear up and sunny skies should be ours although a tropical shower may still drift by occasionally. 

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