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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

X Terra trail runs on Koh Samui 25th September

X Terra trail runs on Koh Samui 25th September

After the already mentioned X Terra off road duathlon and triathlon events on Koh Samui come 25th September, the organisation has now added two news events; X Terra trail runs on Koh Samui 25th September over 13km and 32km.

As a runner I'm very excited about this, since there aren't that many trail runs in Southern Thailand. However, I already booked already months ago a slot in the Khanom marathon that is being held on the same day and booked the hotel room months ago as well, so I will stick to my marathon race in Khanom, since I am in training since over four weeks for this as well. A more than unfortunate situation for me!

X Terra trail runs on Koh Samui 25th September

X Terra trail runs on Koh Samui 25th September

The race details can be viewed here, at AMA events website, including the entrance fees.

X Terra trail runs on Koh Samui 25th September

X Terra trail runs on Koh Samui 25th September;
Registration for the special price on Samui will be at Zazen Hotel. Only for Trail Run NOT triathlon or duathlon.  13KM 600 Baht (RRP 900) , 32KM 1,100BAHT (RRP 1590). This includes T-shirt, buffet lunch by Ibis, medal and trophies.

From my end, I do hope that the race will be successful enough to warrant a follow up next year, that will be announced much more in time, so I can plan around it. I do like trail running, although I have limited exposure to it,  with only two half marathon distances on trail under my belt, one in Indonesia at Mount Bromo and one in  the Philippines, but I enjoyed both of them tremendously. 

If I wouldn't be planning to run the Khanom marathon in a new personal best, it would have been an easy choice, now the decisions and training for the Khanom marathon are already in too much of an advanced stage.

In the meantime, I do hope local runners and from the mainland will join the race and sign up and participate.

In general it's going to be a very interesting event, combined with the duathlon (1.2KM RUN - 29KM BIKE - 9.5KM RUN) and three different triathlon events; the standard tri distance (1.5 KM SWIM – 30 KM BIKE – 10 KM RUN), the sprint tri distance (750 M SWIM – 16 KM BIKE – 6 KM RUN) and the Team Standard Triathlon with one swimmer, one biker and one runner.
Be aware that this race is not part of the X-TERRA world Tour 2016.

Looking forward to a great and successful event and can't wait to read and hear about the various races and disciplines.

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