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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Songkran or Thai New Year is coming up 13th April

Songkran or Thai New Year is coming up 13th April

The festival of Songkran or Thai New Year is coming up 13th April this month and it's going to be a great party again around the island.

Each year this festival is held from 12 to 14 April and the 13th is the day on Koh Samui when people throw water at each other. A lot of kids and tourists start throwing water at passersby on the 12th, which can lead to unnecessary accidents or irritation from people who don't expect to have water thrown over them and accordingly may not be dressed for this activity. 

So folks on Koh Samui, play fair and nice and only throw water on the 13th. If you really feel the urge to throw water on the 12th, visit the respective Chaweng and Lamai bar areas and there will be plenty of action during the evening.

Songkran or Thai New Year is coming up 13th April

Songlran in 2013 in front of the Imperial Boathouse in Choengmon

Also refrain from throwing ice water and water with prickly heat powder in it! Most importantly, have fun but be careful. 

For my part, I'm glad that on Koh Samui the celebrations are just for one day, in contrast to other locations like Khao San road in Bangkok, Pattaya or Chiang Mai where the celebration can last for up to a week. That would be way too much to handle for my liking!

The road statistics in Thailand account for nearly 400 people that die on Thailand roads in the 'deadly seven days' when people to and from their homes to celebrate Songkran.

As I said before, have fun but be safe!

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