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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Man from Wellington, New Zealand is missing after visit to Koh Samui

Update 30th September, the father has been found and has arrived safely in New Zealand
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Please check this link for the news that he was found

A local news paper from Wellington in New Zealand reported that a man from Wellington, New Zealand is missing after visit to Koh Samui. For the original link to the article, please follow this link.
According to the article the Koh Samui Tourist Police were unable to provide any details overnight.

"Police are now making enquiries into the whereabouts of a Wellington man missing in Thailand whose teen daughter is pleading for help to find him.

Andrew Missen, a designer who has created furniture for iconic Wellington eateries, failed to return to New Zealand after a trip to the Thai island of Ko Samui.

His family hasn't heard from him for more than 10 days.

His 15-year-old daughter, Teal Edwards-Missen, has made a public plea for information on Facebook:

"My dad, Andrew Missen, has gone missing in Ko Samui an island off Bangkok in Thailand. No one in our family has heard from him in over 10 days," she wrote.

"He's supposed to have arrived back in New Zealand but he never arrived at the airport in Thailand. Attached is a photo of him, please please please share this for me, he's my best friend and we're all so worried."

Man from Wellington, New Zealand is missing after visit to Koh Samui

A picture of the missing person: Andrew Missen

If you know anything about Andrew Missen or have seen him, contact his daughters Facebook page, her name is Teal Edwards-Missen or the local Tourist Police.

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