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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Population statistics for Koh Samui in 2014

The Population statistics for Koh Samui in 2014 have been published but they're not really telling you how many people actually live on Koh Samui;

District                   Man       Woman          Sum           Homes
Samui Surat         30,941   32,651         63,592          45,151
1 Angthong            6,024      6,004         12,028           5,503
2 Lipa Noi              2,479      2,660           5,139           2,577
3 Taling Ngam       2,827      3,044           5,871           2,765
4 Namuang            2,409      2,528          4,937            2,605
5 Maret                  4,146      4,663          8,809            7,382
6 Bophut                8,947      9,376        18,323          17,586
7 Maenam             4,109      4,376          8,485            6,733

The amount of homes is based on the actual amount of 'Tabian baan's' (house registration papers) being issued. This is fairly accurate. 
How ever, on the amount of actual people living on the island, the following are emitted or just not included in this statistic;

  • Thais who have their house registration somewhere else in the country
  • Migrant workers (Burmese, Lao, etc...)
  • Foreigners on "long term" visas  (Retirement, Non-O)
  • Foreigners on short term visa who regularly run to the border
  • Tourists

Population statistics for Koh Samui in 2014

Koh Samui aerial picture

Especially the numbers for category two and three are very easy to include, since these two groups are registered.
Interesting stats but they don't tell us how many people actually live on the island.

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Andreas Hörstemeier said...

You can take the 2010 numbers from DOPA - 54674 registered citizen, 26602 male, 28072 female in 38952 households - and compare them with the census 2010 numbers - 57845 residents, 28178 male, 29667 female in 18745 households. Whereas the DOPA numbers were from December 31, the census was as of July 1st, but the difference of about 3000 people should be those unregistered one you mentioned. I am just a bit confused by the big difference in the household number, this could only be caused by a different definition of "household".

Camille said...

Thanks for the info Andreas!