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Monday, 24 November 2014

Food on Wheels; Drinks in Takua Pa

Today I had an afternoon off in Khao Lak, in-between the PADI IDC and the PADI IE and I decided to drive to Takua Pa, a city that became famous after the 2004 tsunami, because of it's hospital where many injured found their way and for the identification center after the tsunami, which was located just outside of the city in Ban Muang. The cemetery where all unidentified foreign bodies have been buried is opposite the identification center. More on this come 26th December, with the 10 year remembrance ceremonies.

Food on Wheels, Takua Pa

The view on the whole car and the sales area

Driving around the city, it turned out that it was a lot less picturesque and a lot smaller than expected, so I was basically on my way out when my eye caught this month's entry in the Food on Wheels series!

Food on Wheels, Takua Pa

Frontal view

In front of the local Utthayan Phra Narai park was this van, parked and ready to sell it's drinks! A brilliant concept, similar to a van selling sweets in Osan, South Korea.

Food on Wheels, Takua Pa

Rear end view

Simple and easy, on any hot day in Thailand, and there are many of those, it'a nice to have a cold, refreshing drink. The lady with this van can accommodate that! And some snacks to go with it as well.

Food on Wheels, Takua Pa

The actual drinks on sale

It's mostly drinks for kids and non alcoholic drinks that are available. A nice variation to the theme in Thailand, we've seen the drinks but not the vehicle and well worth to be added to this series.

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