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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Food on Wheels; Surat Thani school knowledge tests

Earlier this month our two oldest children had some form of knowledge competition in the city of Surat Thani on the mainland with their school and all other schools in the province.

Man tod

Man tod or deepfried potato balls and khanom dchaak, sticky rice with coconut

Topics were varied and our daughter competed in 'science' and she came in 4th place in her category with her schoolmates and our son was competing in 'computer graphic' and came in third in his category with his schoolmates.


The classic; Fruit

The vent was held at various schools throughout the city and it was busy at all schools involved, with provincial schools attending from all over the province of Surat Thani.


BBQ Sausage

The two schools that we visited, had food options in copious amounts, as typical in Thailand, especially with such a big gathering of people in one location and all schools had plenty of 'Food on Wheels' options.

The Mix

The Mix; Drinks and junk food

The assortment was varied, as you can expect at busy events, but also typical, most of it is not of great quality or health value. Lots of fast food and lots of deep fried and lots of sugar. msg and you name it!

Deep fried

Another classic; Deep fried junk food

The classic fruit cart is probably the healthiest option, as long as you can stay away from the sugar with chili in it! How much I love the food on wheels culture, for health reasons I don't participate in or rather buy many of the offered options and choices.


Drinks in all kinds of variation

It's great to see every time though and the variety on offer keeps it interesting. Your average European health official would have a sheer heart attack, just looking at the carts and the displays, let alone checking and controlling the quality of the food on offer! 
Fair enough, in the days I ate lots of the displayed food and also my children, so far never got sick from eating food on offer from these carts. 
So, enjoy and dig in or just take pictures like me!

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