Monday 20 October 2014

Rua Chak Phra and fair October 2014 in Nathon

Yesterday was the last day and evening that the Rua Chak Phra floats were on display in Nathon. Accompanied by a fair, it's a always a good idea to visit and see the floats and the market/fair.
Rua means boat, chak means to pull and Phra is monk. So the floats used to be pulled around by hand but nowadays that's mostly done by cars.

Rua Chak Phra

One of the floats or boats in full glory

It was very busy and lots of clothes and (junk) food were on display along the promenade at Nathon.

Rua Chak Phra

Completely made out of wood

The floats were impressive as always and last week we could see some of them being driven around parts of the island, slowing down traffic a bit.

Rua Chak Phra

Tamboon or making merit

Many people use the event to make merit and donate money, around 20.-THB is already sufficient but more is not an exception, to the floats and in return they receive a small colored wrist band. 

Rua Chak Phra

The front part of a float

The floats are very colorful and well looked after and some of them have lovely details. If you look a bit around at the local temples, you may be able to spot some of the floats during the year, when they are stored away.

Rua Chak Phra

Big hit with the children

Next time around this time of the year, if you're visiting Samui, it's well worth a visit and not something to miss out on!

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