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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Welcome to March 2014

March usually has nice and mild weather with plenty of sunshine and good conditions in general. Just like February, a good month to visit Samui, before the heat of April is upon us. 
Out of the last 7 years during March on Samui, as recorded on this blog, only in 2011 March had lots of rain towards the end of the month during an out of season flooding of the island. The forecast is predicting lovely conditions for the first week of this month.

Chaweng Festival site in Chaweng

Chaweng Festival building site in Chaweng with the Central sign being erected, opposite the lake.  

One of the big events this months will be the Grand opening of Central festival towards the end of the month, 29th March. That will be an interesting day and you don't need clairvoyance abilities to see half of the island population flocking together for this event. Something I happily will pass and visit a day or two later, when the crows have thinned a bit.

Kobori, Japanese restaurant in Maenam

Sashimi at Kobori, Japanese restaurant in Maenam

This month is busy for me with non stop work and the associated travelling but whenever I am on Koh Samui, I take the opportunity to visit Kobori, the new Japanese restaurant in Maena. Well worth a visit for some excellent Japanese food. Enjoy!

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