Sunday, 16 March 2014

Other Phuket blogs

Whilst on Phuket for my current PADI IDC that I'm teaching here, I thought it a good idea to point out some blogs from two long term residents that live here and do some very interesting work on bringing unusual and interesting facts to the light of day.

Jamie's Phuket blog is one of the most active and very well informed blogs about Phuket and he's already active with blogging since 2006. He started his Phuket blog just a few months before I started my Samui weather blog.
Check his blog out for lots of information on local attractions, food and restaurant choices, hotel options and lots more.

Kata beach, Phuket

A great view of Kata Beach in Phuket, it almost looks deserted, which it wasn't!

Jamie also runs the Phuket weather blog with regular updates on the weather on Phuket. 
My blog is a mix between Jamie's two blogs.

A third blog to check is Dawn's blog; Dawn in Phuket, she lives here for almost 30 years now and runs also a restaurant on Koh Bon, a small island off Phuket's coast. She has some very interesting posts about lots of unusual topics around Phuket.

If you're interested in Phuket related hands on information, these three blogs are a good start to get yourself informed. Enjoy them!

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