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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Food on Wheels; Mobile Family Mart

After a month rest in the Food on wheels series, we're back with some good and new pictures. It does become more difficult after a few years to find original vehicles that sell food. But this month we're good again!

In Bangkok and Pattaya these mobile Family Mart vehicles can be spotted.

Mobile Family Mart

The mobile Thai Family Mart vehicle

There's a tough battle in Thailand for the size of convenience stores that Family Mart and 7-11 offer around the country and it seems that 7-11 is just about everywhere, followed at a short distance by Family and these two are followed by various smaller outlets. 
The Family Mart mobile version in Thailand is new though, Central FamilyMart Co., the operator, says the new store format is aimed at boosting its customer base as well as enhancing its brand.

“The mobile unit is also a marketing weapon as it’s an efficient transit media to attract customers’ eyes,” said Central FamilyMart Co CEO Nath Vongphanich back in August 2013.

Mobile 7-11 in Japan

Mobile 7-11 in Japan

In the meantime, here's the Japanese mobile 7-11 version of which I reported already last time in this series. Makes you wonder if there ever will be the need for a mobile 7-11 in Thailand, since they're almost on every corner around the country!

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