Tuesday 4 February 2014

Kobori, Japanese restaurant in Maenam, first visit

After having been to two test tasting events for Kobori, as reported earlier, it was at last my first visit to Kobori, after they opened just a few days ago. I was not on Samui when they opened but took pretty much the first opportunity to visit and that was yesterday

Kobori restaurant entrance

Kobori restaurant, the entrance at the walking street area in Maenam

The restaurant is located in Maenam, at the red lights, if coming from Bophud, take a right, into the street where the ´walking street´is each Saturday in Maenam. It´s just over half way down the road or soi on your right hand side. 

Kobori restaurant panko deep fried salmon

Panko deep fried salmon, our kids loved it

We ordered a lot of food and we finished it all! We were hungry and we enjoyed the food and the great things I find about Japanese food, is that you can eat a lot but the food is ´light´and it does not stuff you like other cuisines may do.

Kobori restaurant sashimi

Sashimi, medium sized, with 4 different kinds of fish, which change every day, pending on availability. We had squid, needle fish, crocodile fish and flounder

One of the things we ordered was the nice, medium sized assortment of sashimi, very fresh and you never know what will be on the menu, since the market decides what is available. Very tasty indeed.

Kobori restaurant sushi roll salmon

Salmon sushi roll, prepared at your table, heated with a hot flame, by chef Kobori himself, absolutely delicious

This is one of my favorites and I already had this during one of the test tastings and I enjoyed it so much, that I ordered it again! The combination of the hot salmon and cool rice is indeed delicious.

Kobori restaurant sushi roll salmon

The finished salmon sushi roll

I think I can keep eating this salmon sushi roll non stop! It´s a nice touch how the sushi roll is prepared at your table!

Kobori restaurant chicken teriyaki roll

Chicken teriyaki roll, delicious and unexpectedly crispy

Very nice was this other sushi roll, a chicken teriyaki variation and there was something crispy on top of it, which made it stand out and become something to remember for the next time!

Kobori restaurant sake

Anyone for Sake? Art least 10 different kinds of sake are available, a delicious plum wine and Asahi, a Japanese 'dry' beer, besides all the standard Thai beer. No shortage of alcohol!

Kobori, Teppanyaki pork hamburg steak

The Teppanyaki pork hamburg steak

We also had 3 different Teppanyaki or sizzling hot plates. One was with thin sliced pork, one was with saba fish and one was with a ´hamburg´as they say in Japan or better known as a hamburger in the rest of the world. They all came with different sauces and were very tasteful. There are in total 9 different Teppanyaki meals on offer! Dig in, once the sauce is gone 'into' the vegetables, it will be hard to leave anything on your plate!

Kobori restaurant mango panna cotta

Mango panna cotta, also available in coconut and green tea taste

Besides the lovely mango cotta panna, we also had two salads, one with papaya and one with seaweed. Overall a lovely meal and very satisfying, we will be back for more servings!

Kobori restaurant interior

The contemporary and effective interior with lovely hard wooden tables and chairs

The interior is looking nice, lovely hard wooden tables and chairs or rather banks to sit on with big tables on one side and a couple of smaller tables on the other side and outside. 
Kobori is open every day of the week except on Monday, that's when they close. Currently opening times are between 6pm and 10.30pm but sooner or later, lunch time openings will be announced as well.
It's the only Japanese restaurant in that area and it's well worth checking out!

A quick reminder about the name Kobori; it originates from a story set in World War II and involves a love triangle between a Thai couple and a Japanese Navy officer, stationed in Thailand. It's been filmed multiple times and made into TV series various times, with well known Thai 'super stars' playing he lead roles, like Bird McIntyre.

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