Thursday 27 February 2014

Don Muang airport, Bangkok

After being out of action for a few years, since the new Suvarnabhumi International airport opened it's doors in 2006, Don Muang airport in Bangkok has re-opened it's doors and gates in 2012 again as a low cost airline hub. 

The outside

Since I fly to Bali with Air Asia, since last year I've been using Don Muang again, with it's extremely conveniently Amari hotel located next to the highway that separates the two buildings but with a walk way over said highway that connects the two buildings. The flight to Bali leaves at 6am which leaves me without a direct connection from Koh Samui.

Don Muang International airport, Bangkok

Departures, currently with Air Asia, Nok Air and One-Two-Go

Don Muang brings back some great memories since it was the first port of arrival for many of my earlier Thailand trips. The first shock of heat, the first smells, the first moments of excitement of being back where all down down the gate bridges at Don Muang.

Don Muang International airport, Bangkok

The way to International departures, the passport control

Seeing the airport back now, after having used Suvarnabhumi for a few years, it's hard to imagine how this relatively small airport was capable of handling the millions of visitors it received each year. Renovation and upgrading plans are in the making accordingly.

Don Muang International airport, Bangkok

The departures concourse

One of the drawbacks of this airport is it's location, Suvarnabhumi has easier access to downtown Bangkok by car and train system and is also just about a bit over an hour away from Pattaya.
Don Muang on the other can only be conveniently reached by taxi or car.

Don Muang International airport, Bangkok

Tax free shopping

Don Muang International airport, Bangkok

The golf court, taking from a taxiing airplane

One of the unusual things with this airport is that next to taxi lanes of the planes, there's a golf court. It's funny to see people, caddies and equipment are moving around when you look out of your plane window. I don't know of any other airports around the world that have this.

Don Muang International airport, Bangkok

The luggage belt, welcome to Thailand

It's good to have Don Muang back in action. My personal inconvenience and probably other peoples as well, is the travel time and logistics of transferring between the two airports.
It puts Bangkok in the league of major cities world wide with at least two active international airports.

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Bernd said...

Hi named it:

"...the first shock of heat, the first smells, the first moments of excitement..."

This means Don Muang to me too. good Memories.

Camille said...

Hi Bernd,

A lot of people who used to fly into Don Muang will have the same memories!