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Friday, 2 August 2013

Fire in Bang Rak this evening

About two hours ago, there was a hefty fire in a wooden house in Bang Rak near the Grand Sea pier.

Fire in Bang Rak

The fire as seen from a hill, near Bang Rak. Picture by David Fullarton

The information I could gather is that there were people in the building but that nobody died, there may be one person in hospital, but that's not confirmed right now.

Wooden house on fire in Bang Rak

The fire as seen from the road

As the pictures show, the fire as intense and some very high flames were crawling up towards the sky.

Wooden house on fire in Bang Rak, the aftermath

The aftermath

The aftermath shows a completely burned out house where just a few stone pillars can be seen left standing with some very heavy wooden beams that show heavy burn marks.

Wooden house on fire in Bang Rak, only rubble left

Only rubble left

People were still pouring water on the smoldering ashes of the remains of the house. It seems that the wind helped the fire become very big but was also in a direction towards an empty lot of land. The other direction would have seen a few more wooden buildings and possibly more damage done.

Wooden house on fire in Bang Rak, only rubble left

Ash and silence

Hopefully there will be more information tomorrow and the confirmation that nobody was seriously injured.

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