Sunday, 4 August 2013

Remains of crashed Bangkok Airways plane have moved

The unfortunate Bangkok Airways ATR72-500 that crashed in 2009 was moved recently after having been at the same spot for almost 4 years at Samui airport.  As it is, today is exactly 4 years ago that the plane crashed.

Bangkok Airways plane body view

Body view

The new location where it can be found is alongside 'Highway' 4170 near where it intersects with the 4169 close to Ban Saket. Coming from Nathon, it would be the second main intersection, taking a right, on your right side hand.

Bangkok Airways plane black box

The black box

It's a bit of an odd location, since there's no scrap yard anywhere nearby or anything that would indicate a reason or purpose why it has moved down here. It's also strange to see the fuselage of a plane sitting next to the public road, as if it's dumped or fell off a truck. Although, for the latter, it's looking too well arranged.

Bangkok Airways plane wings

The wings

The cockpit is missing, since that took the hardest hit during the crash, since it hit the control tower, there's no tail end and the rudder wing is missing as well. The wings are showed inside the interior.

Bangkok Airways plane interior

The interior

The interior is completely stripped of anything useful and probably is being used for spare parts. Ad the picture above proofs.

Bangkok Airways plane window

Window with a view

On one side all windows are cut out, on the other side, a few windows seemed to have been removed as in the picture above, but that probably proved to be too much trouble, so cutting them out was easier.

Bangkok Airways plane front view

Front view 

Bangkok Airways plane side view

View from the side

If you happen to be around these parts of the island, maybe as part of a trip around the island that I  can highly recommend, this would be a short and a high curiosity factor kind of stop! 

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Anonymous said...

Is the plane still there?

Camille said...

No, it has been sunk later that year near Samui.