Friday 22 June 2012

Food on Wheels; Surat Thani street food

During my recent visits to Surat Thani city, more specific to the Thaksin hospital there with my Mum in law, there was a stretch of various different mobile food sellers along the pavement. Not only the nurses get hungry during the day time but across the road is a high school with a 90% female student ratio. The nurses and students combined make for good daily business.

Som tam, the all time favorite all over the country

There's a wide selection and variation of food offers on display and some stall even have tables and chairs in a small side road or Soi.

Some of the costumers

This post only shows 7 different stalls with food options, there were at least double that amount of options available, if not more! All within a stretch of maybe 200 meters max!

One of the more unexpected options; sushi. It shows however how popular Japanese food is nowadays in Thailand

Fruit, ready to be sliced an put in a bag, ideally with sugar, spiced up with red peppers (the very spicy variation)

Kaa Muu, or pork leg over rice

More fruit, these ones you have to clean yourselves

Fish cookies or cakes, in Thai; Thot man Plaa or ทอดมันปลา

The always available coffee maker

If you find yourself near a hospital or school in Thailand, always have a look for the food stalls, they will not be far away and have some delicious food to offer!

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