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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Wat Manee Si Mahathat, near Phang Nga, the Museum

Wat Manee Si Mahathat, near Phang Nga, the Museum

After yesterdays post about Wat Manee Si Mahathat, near Phang Nga, I didn't want to wait too long with this post about the attached Museum on the premises.

The sign for the museum, this makes it 'official' enough for me

As already mentioned, the museum is not something to expect too much of but it's small and neat and worth the visit once you decided to stop here.

The actual museum buildings

There are smaller rooms to the left and right, with respectively Chinese and Indian wax figurines in it (as pictured below) and a main building with about 8 wax monk statues.

Inside the main building with all the wax figures of the various monks, that I assume, stayed and/or worked at the Wat and were abbot at some stage

Inside the pavilion with the Chinese wax figurines

In contrast to various other Temples around Thailand, which have sometimes 'mummified monks' on display, this is still a good effort to keep the memory of this specific Temple life alive!

Inside the pavilion with the Indian wax figurines

A very small exhibition and in most parts of the world this wouldn't be referred to as a museum, but for me it's a valid enough reason to call it museum and I love to visit places like this. I'm happy I stopped and had a look at the whole complex, including the museum, I hope you will have the same pleasure if you're in the neighborhood.


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