Tuesday 24 April 2012

Wat Manee Si Mahathat, near Phang Nga

Wat Manee Si Mahathat, near Phang Nga

Yesterday I already posted a picture in my daily weather update of Wat Manee Si Mahathat, near Phang Nga and today it's time for a dedicated post to this Wat or Temple.

One of the two entrances to the Wat

Since I always pass this Wat or Temple on way to Phuket or Khao Lak, it was time to make a stop and have a closer look at this impressive Temple complex, including a small museum on which I will separately.

The Bot of the Wat

It's a fairly big complex and well worth a stop, in case you pass it on your travels. When I first came to Thailand, I was seriously impressed with the Temples around the country. At some stage I entered the phase of 'seen one temple, seen them all'. I'm well over that stage now, since a while already and now I enjoy visiting temples again and discover their beauty. I enjoyed this Temple because of it's quietness and also because it had this small 'museum', about which you can find a post here. Probably in the next few days, don't expect too much but I enjoyed their interpretation of a museum.

The big statue of a Monk that dominates the complex, as seen from the 'Museum'

As an amateur collector of Buddhist amulets I was surprised that no amulets where on offer at this Wat, especially considering the size of the Monk's statue, which should bring in enough devotees who need or seek protection for their cars in the form of a small statue or amulet!
I would've been more than happy to buy an amulet here.

A detail of the bot

One of the many small statues lining the gates of the Temple complex

This is all the information I could gather about the Wat Manee Si Mahathat. Stay tuned though for my post about the Museum.


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tim in bangkok said...

Hello Camille -

Thank you for the confirmation of the name of the large Buddha we saw.