Thursday 26 April 2012

Food on Wheels; Naam kaeng sai

Food on Wheels; Naam kaeng sai

During this heat wave in the making, the current addition to my Food on Wheels series suits this hot season! I feel like drinking cold drinks all day long, just to cool off.

Thais kids love the 'Naam kaeng sai' and a few grown ups like this as much!

The 'Naam keang sai' or clear ice block cart

What happens is that a vendor has a block of frozen ice which he or she scrapes over a sharp edge, the ice is being scraped so to speak and the spoils are put in a cup.

The ice block being scraped over the 'blades', the same principle as a shaving blade from Bic or Gillette

This cup is completely filled with scraped ice and some other ingredients are added. This whole cup of shaved off ice plus add ons costs about 10 to 15THB and really cools you off!

The filled cup being readied for the add ons

These 'Naam kaeng sai' vendors can be found all over the place on Koh Samui but also around Thailand but mainly when there are lots of children around, although, as I already mentioned, adults like to eat this as well.

The other ingredients that can be added, from syrup to corn and jelly, take your pick!

It's very popular with the local Thai people and it's well worth checking out once you see it, specially in this warm and hot weather!

Hope you enjoy it.


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