Monday, 26 December 2011

Tsunami in Thailand, 7 year memorial

Tsunami in Thailand, 7 year memorial

It's already 7 years ago this boxing day that the 2004 Tsunami raged along the Andaman Sea.

Having just been to Khao Lak to teach my second PADI IDC there, things have changed drastically along the coast and one can safely say that Khao Lak has made the turn and everything seems to be up and running again. Since a few years already, actually. It's good to remember though.

View over Khao Lak beach, just over a week ago

My thoughts go out to all the people that lost relatives and/or friends during the Tsunami. I wish you all strength, not only during this day but every day and moment you think about your loved and missed ones.

This video shows the same beach 7 years ago

I can only hope that a similar Tsunami or natural disaster won't hit Thailand again, since unfortunately we saw earlier this year what happened in Japan.



Philippines Natural Disaster said...

I felt so sad about this tragic incident; there are many people who are victims of this tragedy. We hope and pray that they cannot happen again.

Camille said...

Thanks for checking in, hope you will be all fine soon again!