Sunday, 18 December 2011

Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 18th December, 2011

Today's weather;
Koh Samui is looking good, with strong winds and a clear sky but clouds are looming in the background. Current temp at 7am is around 26.8C
Yesterday was a much better day around Koh Samui than expected. Just a little bit of rain during the morning.
The forecast still predicts some rain this coming Wednesday, but not as much anymore as originally was predicted.

Khao Lak beach, yesterday morning

Khao Lak sees a nice day coming up with a clear sky and a current temp of 22.9C at 7am

Yesterday saw a mixed bag day over Khao Lak, two or three times there was some rain and it was mainly clouded all day long. Max temp reached 32.3C

Today is the last day of the PADI, a report is due later this afternoon.

Tonight I will leave on a live aboard trip and won't be able to update the blog for at lest 3 days. The first report is due this coming Thursday, 22nd December.



Anonymous said...

i have been looking at your blog for a while now! nice job!! :)

me and my crew are coming to samui on Tuesday! I looked at the weather report that there is gonna be cloudy and rainy till xmas... is that during the whole days, or can we be lucky to see the sun during the next week?

(from your experience ofcause :) )

From Norway

Camille said...

It may be cloudy all day but I wouldn't expect rain all day. The weather has been very good so far this rainy season, let's hope it keeps up!

worakit said...

Hi Nice job:) We also arrive on thuesday, running away from the cold North, so we hope to see some sunny days on Lamai:)

Bergen- Norway

Camille said...

Hi Worakit

Enjoy your trip, Lamai is a great location!